What is a Studio Apartment? Complete Overview


Over the past few years, living in studio apartments has become a trend. People all across the world admire these studio apartments because of the functional space and the fact that everything can be encapsulated in a confined area. This article is about what a studio apartment is and the different features of studio apartments.

Different countries have protocols laid out for the home-dwellers that must be followed while designing and living in studio flats.

Working people and folks who get transferred to different places find the idea of studio apartments extremely reasonable. They can easily pack or unpack their belongings and adjust to these one bhk flats.

What is a studio apartment?

A studio apartment is one that encompasses everything in a confined area along with a bathroom/lavatory attached to it. In it, things such as furniture, beds, tables, kitchen sets, sofas, chairs and settees can be arranged in one place.

There are no different rooms and folks do all their tasks such as cooking, studying, sleeping, dining and conversing with others in a single room.

To make the best use of space in a studio apartment, folks might use room divider curtains. This helpsṣ to demarcate the area and carry on with the activities in a solitary environment without the intrusion of guests or domestic help.

Having floor-to-ceiling bookshelves improve the ambience and create storage space. These are usually perpendicular to the walls and can house different items, belongings, accessories and things.

Apart from this, a glass or a wooden screen would allow the natural light to seep in and add a dash of modernity to the house. While living in a studio apartment, the folks must keep it spotlessly clean.

What do studio apartments consist of?

Interestingly, a studio apartment consists of a kitchen, dining area, drawing room space, bed space and a bathing area. In some studio apartments, there is a partial wall that demarcates a specific area. When guests drop in, the homeowners are allowed some privacy.

Size of studio apartments

An average studio apartment in Jaipur measures 250-700 sq feet. There are several factors such as location, climate, topography and the company brand that determine the size of these apartments.

The standard price of a studio apartment

In India, these apartments are priced according to the needs of the customers. Some range between 25 lahks to 1 crore. In developed cities, the cost of living is more that results in higher prices.

Urban home buyers can go in for the one that suits their budget. They can always get these apartments revamped or refurbished as per their will and transform the interiors to make the houses worth living in.

What kind of people should consider buying studio apartments?

Working people, professionals who commute to the workplace daily, tenants and landlords can purchase these apartments. While buying these flats, some folks are granted concessions, returns on rental properties, and tax reliefs.

Usually, the revenue is higher in areas such as Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru with an exploding population.

What difference between a 1bhk and a studio apartment

Numerous people use the terms 1 BHK and studio apartment interchangeably, but there are striking differences between the two. A 1 BHK is a flat that has designated areas for the kitchen, lobby, drawing room, master bedroom and hall space. There are separate rooms that are built with a confined space.

On the contrary, a studio apartment does not have any demarcated areas or rooms. Everything is combined into a single space. People might keep all their belongings in one place and there is a single large room that encapsulates all the things.

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Merits of living in a studio apartment

Studio apartments use up space and are extremely good for single dwellers. There is less consumption of energy as the units in a single room are numbered and this leads to fewer electricity bills.

Also, people use less water because the number of outlets is fewer. This helps keep the water bills in control.

These apartments are affordable and there is no hue and cry about purchasing them. People have to pay low rent, manage their expenditures and can easily accomplish their tasks. Nuclear families can stay in these flats happily without having to bother about anything.

These studio flats are built in areas that have a great wi-fi connection, are centrally located, have access to public places, are equipped with all the modern amenities and provide value for money.

As there is a confined space, these apartments do not require special maintenance. People living in them are not expected to put in untiring efforts to keep the house spick and span. However, regular dusting, mopping and sweeping are necessary to create a sparkling ambience and positive vibes.


Demerits of a studio apartment

These flats are not suited for large families. Because of a confined space, these apartments might not accommodate several people. Also, there is no demarcation and everything is in one place, so privacy becomes a matter of concern.

These flats require additional storage space to keep things, items and accessories. If people want to keep domestic help, then they would have to think of his/her lodging, as the studio flats might not be suitable for them to live in.

Summing it up, the studio apartments provide a comfortable stay to single home dwellers and nuclear families. All activities are carried out in a confined area. There is no designated space for a kitchen, lobby or drawing room.

Everything such as beds, kitchenware, sofas, chairs, tables and cabinets is put up in one place. These flats are highly affordable but the lack of privacy becomes a thing to ponder over.

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Are studio apartments in India expensive?

The cost of studio apartments in India ranges between 25 lacks to 1 crore. These are cheap and over the past few years buying a studio flat has become easy.

What is the basic difference between a flat apartment and a studio apartment?

In a flat, there are different rooms such as a kitchen, lobby, hall space, drawing room and Master bedroom. The house is divided into rooms with confined areas. However, in a studio apartment, there is no such allocation of rooms. Everything is condensed in one large room. People carry on their tasks in one place.

How much does a studio apartment cost per month?

A studio apartment costs less as compared to a flat. The cost per month ranges between Rs 7000-Rs 22000. People find living in studio flats easy as these are sensibly priced and offer all the creature comforts.

What is a studio apartment floor plan?

While designing a studio apartment, the architects can build functional spaces, create built-in furniture, use sliding doors or screens to grant privacy to the homeowners, have a linear layout and allot a space.

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